Shun Hing College Event Organization Guide

Your ultimate guide to initiating something in SHC

We encourage every college student to initiate something here and contribute to our community. Please read the full guide (Planning, Promoting and Archiving) carefully and follow it strictly when you organize events in SHC to help us keep things organized and maximize efficiency.

*Note: This guide is for organizing events that use college resources (e.g. long-time occupation of public space, budget, branding, staff etc.) only.


  1. Plan out your event, get a tutor to support it. (Please note that the final approval decision will be made by the master)
  2. Fill in the Activity Proposal Form and inform your supporting tutor. (Please log in to your HKU Connect account in Gmail to access the form)
  3. Wait for the approval of your event. (Contact person: your supporting tutor)
  4. If you would like to have help from the college Media Team for event coverage, please email student leader Jeremy Lam (, and copy Honorary Tutor Oliver Luo ( If the Media Team is not involved, please make sure you have at least some smartphone photos for the “archiving” stage.


  1. If you would like to have help from the college Design Team for poster design, please fill in this form.
  2. Create a Facebook event yourself and start inviting people on Facebook.
  3. Notify Honorary Tutor Rustam Khan ( and copy student leader Jeremy Lam ( and Media Team Director Mex Zhu ( about the Facebook event you created, so the media team can help promote your event on our official Facebook page and website.
  4. Ask your supporting tutor to help send out the mass email.


Fill in the Activity Report Form. (Please log in to your HKU Connect account in Gmail before filling the form)

Please always add the folder link with the original photos of your event in the above-mentioned activity report form. Also make sure that the folder is accessible for at least 2 weeks.