About Shun Hing College


Shun Hing College (formerly Block A) at Jockey Club Student Village III of The University of Hong Kong seeks to build an inclusive and vibrant model of community engagement by fostering exchanges and common experiences among our residents. Master Ying Chan, an HKU alumna, veteran journalist and director of HKU’s Journalism and Media Studies Centre, leads the college in encouraging civic participation and mutual learning among students from a wide range of backgrounds, challenging residents to think and grow as global citizens.

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Message from the Master

Shun Hing College is a community of budding scholars and professionals, who are working together to create a community of shared values and shared duties.

We are learning from one another’s culture and values to rise above our differences to find common ground for the common good. We are defining our relationships with the surrounding neighborhood, and the people who have generously accepted us into their crowded alleys and streets, their parks and walkways.

Professor Ying Chan

Master of Shun Hing College

What our students say

“I enjoy serving as the floor representative because I get to share a lot more with my fellow floor-mates from all over the world. It’s a wonderful cultural exchange experience. The best thing about Shun Hing College is that it turns you into a self-motivated contributor to the community.”

– Jaeah Kim, South Korea


“I wouldn’t have felt this much at home in any other place at HKU. It allows me to show my true potential. It gives me the opportunity to initiate something – a project, an activity or a society. I can’t imagine another place for such a wonderful cultural environment!”

– Umair Marwat, Pakistan


“I like all the media productions for Western District Stories Project. I’m excited to be part of it – you get to work with Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker Ruby Yang! The local community around the college has so many fantastic stories to tell – they have the real magic!”

– Ricci Rue, Hong Kong

Shun Hing College residents enjoy a vibrant social life as well as a wide range of cultural and academic activities!



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