What We Offer

Our College has 304 single and 85 double rooms. A small number of guest rooms are also prepared for visiting scholars and fellows. It shares a College Hall with the three other Colleges on Lung Wah Street.

Each single room is about 8 sq.m, while double room is about 15 sq.m. All rooms are furnished with beds, wardrobes, writing desks with lamps, chairs and bookshelves. Also, rooms are connected to the HKU Campus Network for internet access.

Each floor has a communal pantry equipped with hot and cold drinking water supply, induction cookers, microwave oven, refrigerator and television. There are communal washrooms and shower stalls on each floor as well.

Laundry and air-conditioning services are operated by a ‘pre-paid smartcard’ device.

Double Rooms

Single Rooms

A Communal Hub for Student Life


Shun Hing College is dramatically reapportioning the space and furniture in the building, making student life easier, richer, and more comfortable.

Among the changes: a specially furnished “hang out” club room adjacent to the ground floor lobby where students can meet, watch TV or just be with other students and guests until the wee hours (2 AM). The barebones “reception area” in the lobby is being transformed, almost overnight, into a comfortable library – book shelves, plush cream-colored leather couches, warm lighting, and reading materials – part of an informal ‘bring a book, take a book’ lending library that everyone can browse.

The College is now redesigning the 3/F to maximize the potential of communal living environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Canteen in the College?

No, the College does not have meal plans or student canteens. It is right inside the Kennedy Town community, and there are lots of restaurants several minutes’ walk away!

Is there a place for parties in the College?

Yes. You can use floor pantries to hold small parties or book the function rooms for bigger ones.

Is there a gym in the College?

No. But the Flora Ho Sports Centre is just up the hill.

Is there a band room in the College?

Not at the moment. But a band room is being designed and built.