Shun Hing College Media Team

Learn, create, contribute.

The team aims at producing multi media contents to record our lives as a big family in the college and the Kennedy Town community while providing experiential learning opportunities to college students who are interested in media production.

Here students learn from each other and experienced professional journalists, editors and online media producers. They produce multi-media contents and publish them online to reach the entire college community and beyond.

The Media Team consists of:

  • Photography Team
  • Videography Team
  • Editorial Team

Shun Hing College Media Team recruits year-long and selects the best works to be used in web publications such as the official website and social media accounts or to be presented in special publications such as exhibitions and photography/filming competitions.

Tutor in Charge

Oliver Luo (

Rustam Khan (

Media Team members Tony Chiu and Victoria Wong filming an event held in the College Hall


Student Leadership

Sourav Padhiari (


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Timely Support

The Media Team supports media coverage of college events and beyond through photography and/or videography.

Innovative Ideas

The media team works on innovative ways to tell stories of our college and university life. We showcase our stories in interesting ways and help you keep your precious college life memories.

Advanced Equipment

The Media Team has access to the newly established professional-level studio on the 3/F of the college. Digital equipment include Canon DSLRs, premium lenses and two 5K iMacs.

Close Teamwork

Besides learning from professionals, Media Team members closely work with each other and maximize team potential. Members learn from each other and perfect their skills, even starting from zero.

What members say

Tony Chiu

Tony Chiu

Photo/Videographer, Sep 2013 - Feb 2015

The Media Team is a lot of work. We never had a proper High Table Dinner, but we got to interview prominent guests from all over the world when we’re covering it. We also covered student life in the college and other important events like the International Music Festivals where there are performances from countries including Indonesia, China, Korea and philipines etc. We really appreciated the opportunity to live in Shun Hing College!
Harry Huang

Harry Huang

Videographer, Sep 2014 - Present

I wasn’t expecting too much when I first joined the team, but the advanced equipment, efficient workflow and rich learning experience surprised me. Over the year, both my enthusiasm and skill in videography have reached new heights and have been recognized – I began to use my skills to work on promotional videos and earned my first salary! The Media Team is a paradise if you really are passionate about videography!

Factor Yang

Factor Yang

Photo/Videographer, Feb 2015 - May 2016

Passion led me here, yet what make me immerse are the learning experiences here. I gradually familiarized with the techniques of keen oberservation, concentrated recording and creative post-productions. The variety of events and activities in our college provide us with great opportunities to polish our skills through practicing. The Media Team has become an essential part of my post-graduate life at HKU.

Join the Media Team

The Media Team service learning experience has cultivated excellent student producers and helped them build their own portfolios in the past. If you are passionate about media productions, join our team to learn and work together with unlimited possibilities!