Recruiting members for the Runner’s Club!

Are you a keen runner? Or just a person wanting to be fit but doesn’t know what to do? Whatever the reason may be this club will be the apt choice for you! Don’t feel pressured that you must run but think of jogging gently outdoors. Your level of performance is not a big deal, each and one of us will have different pace and our club is just for fun where we all run in our own pace that suits us the most.

The club also aims to participate in upcoming running events around Hong Kong. So, if you would like to have a new experience you are welcomed to join.

Times and Schedules are flexible and can be adjusted when enough members are recruited. We are considering morning and evening runs.

You just need a pair of running shoes and that is pretty much all! So feel free to contact either

Student in charge:



Tutor in charge:


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