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The Shun Hing College Swimming Club intends to provide a platform for all swimmers

to swim and improve together. All swimmers with various backgrounds from beginners

to professionals are welcomed to join the club. In this semester, we will have regular

practice session every Sunday at Flora Ho sports center swimming pool. We will also

provide swimming lessons for those who wish to learn. We have a Facebook page to

keep our members informed regarding our next events!

Swimming is one of the most popular Olympic sports that burns lots of calories,

increases lung capacities, supports your weight, builds muscular strength and

endurance. We wish every members of the swimming club can exercise regularly while

enjoying the cool refreshing pool!



Through this club, we wish all the members could enjoy swimming regularly, getting

fitter and healthier together, to help others learn how to swim and enjoy swimming,

also to learn from others as a community. Last but not least, our most important aim

is for the members to have as much fun as they can while exercising the body and

also make many friends in the college.

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Lu Zhengyu (


Alison Sulaiman

Chelsea Victoria

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